Proyect: “The Song of The Birds” 《鸟之歌》
Editorial Design

Technics: Ink on paper and digital illustration

Languages: Nahuatl, Spanish, English and Chinese

Year: 2019

“La Lengua de los Pájaros”, Juan Hernandez Ramirez, full item: digital book here.

Editorial project inspired by 4 poems from the book “La Lengua de los Pájaros” (The Song of the Birds) 《鸟之歌》 from the author Juan Hernandez Ramírez, Nahua poet from the community of Colatlán in the municipality of Ixhuatlán de Madero, Veracruz, Mexico.

Translated into Chinese mandarin, and written with brush in Chinese Calligraphy Regular Script “楷书”

This project was presented to the Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences at UNESCO. Read more

Fine Arts Academy Shaanxi Normal University Exhibition “The Song of Birds”. Read More

2019, “Tropical Mystic”, The Vinylhouse, Xi’an, China. Read more

2019, “Metaphors of Reality”, Jambo Gallery, Xi’an, China. Read more

First Poem: The First Sun/ Achtoui Tonatij / Primer Sol/ 第一个太阳

Second Poem: Word/ In Tlajtoli / La Palabra/ 言辞

Third Poem: We are Flowes/ Tixochimej / Somos Flores/ 我们如花一般

Fourth Poem: Standing/ Ijkatok / De Pie/ 伫立